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What is Shared Mobility?

Shared mobility is a term that refers to shared modes of transport including car clubs and other forms of car sharing; bike share schemes; trip sharing and on-demand bus or demand-responsive transport (DRT).  Shared mobility is continually evolving and innovating. CoMoUK believes shared mobility is an important ingredient in enabling lifestyles that are private car-light and private car-free. 



Shared mobility can make communities and places more sustainable and attractive and help tackle transport poverty.



Shared mobility complements public transport and active travel (our user research consistently finds this). Together, these sustainable means of transport can lead a shift away from car dependency and hence helps to unlock significant public benefits relating to congestion, air quality, place quality and health.



CoMoUK has been working within and for the shared mobility sector’s sustainable growth for over two decades. It has developed an evidence base demonstrating the way in which shared mobility is playing an important role in changing the UK public’s travel options. In order to support the continued development of shared mobility CoMoUK is involved in the following key projects:



  • Share-NORTH
  • Mobi Mix
  • Annual Car Club Surveys
  • Annual Bike Share Surveys
  • Advice to those looking to open a shared mobility scheme