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CoMoUK New Chief Executive Announced

Richard Dilks delighted to be taking the helm at CoMoUK


Richard Dilks’ passion for what transport does for people has brought him to CoMoUK as their new Chief Executive. Richard was previously transport programme director at the business group London First, where he led policy and advocacy across a wide range of transport modes. Prior to that he worked as a policy adviser and journalist at the consumer body Which?.

On taking the role at CoMoUK Richard says “It is a huge honour to become CoMoUK’s Chief Executive at this momentous time for shared mobility. The opportunities for it to deliver the journeys people want in a more efficient and healthy way than is possible with private car-based transport are real and happening right now, and yet also have so much potential for growth.”

Climate change and air quality are key issues for our time. Richard believes that shared use of cars and bikes can still play a critical role in tackling these. “Bike and car share can make a real contribution here. How can shared mobility become more like one ecosystem, working in concert with public transport?” These are the questions CoMoUK seeks to resolve as it celebrates its 20th birthday and looks to the future.

Richard will be CoMoUK’s first London based appointment and his plan is to raise the charity’s profile and stakeholder relations in London while building on its successful track record nationally. Antonia Roberts will revert to her position as Deputy Chief Executive based in Leeds.

In the next 20 years CoMoUK forecasts that private car ownership will increasingly be a thing of the past, people being much more able to choose the mode of transport that works for them, for that journey – to their benefit, places’ benefit and the environment’s benefit.