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National Transport Strategy

“CoMoUK welcomes the Scottish Government’s commitment to ensure walking, cycling, public and shared transport take precedence ahead of private car use in the design of Scotland’s future transport networks. However, the proof will be in the pudding.

As we look ahead to the next 20 years we need to reimagine our transport system to ensure it remains fit for purpose, reflecting rapidly changing lifestyle and work patterns, technological advances and the climate emergency.

We look forward to hearing more about the timescales for the Delivery Plan to implement the strategy. CoMoUK will continue to engage with the Scottish Government to ensure that the vision and priorities as set out in the NTS2, in particular the Sustainable Travel and Investment Hierarchies, are central to the Delivery Plan and to action on the ground.”


“CoMoUK welcomes the Scottish Government’s support for sustainable transport and encouraging behaviour change in the Budget.

Further investment in the Future Transport Fund and the prioritisation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a welcome step.

However, increasing the funding for the Low Carbon transport loan fund will not create a emission free transport system that can benefit everyone.

It’s clear that Scotland needs not only cleaner cars but fewer, better used cars if we are to address the serious environmental challenges such as climate change, air pollution and congestion.

CoMoUK is calling on the Scottish Government to invest in the expansion of electric vehicles in car clubs, which offer greater choice for communities and businesses.”