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Our Chief Executive’s Thoughts After His First Month

As I reach the nano-milestone of my first month in the job, it’s a moment to pause and reflect.

I said on taking up the role that it was an honour to do so, and this month has only solidified my view on that. Well-designed and executed shared mobility already has had huge positive impacts, and there is so much potential to go further. To be able to help CoMoUK take that forward across its research, advocacy, guidance, accreditation and practice is a great privilege.

I’ve found within CoMoUK a team of highly talented people doing a huge amount on slender resources. They’re a genuine pleasure to work with and are at the cutting edge of shared mobility thought and practice.

My priorities are to help CoMoUK grow sustainably; to build its profile, including in London where I am based; to continue and deepen its evidence base; to roll up our sleeves on ideas that bring shared modes together through our Share North work on mobility hubs; and to help it bridge into those areas that so entwine with shared mobility, but are often disconnected in terms of policymakers’ approaches. I am thinking here of health; urban design; public transport.

One time where you should feel all this coming together is our conference in Birmingham in November – the programme for which is shaping up very excitingly. After all, you’re only 20 once.

I think the challenges and opportunities apparent in 1999 are mostly still with us – it’s just that a lot of them are more acute. We better understand now what we are doing to our climate and to the air, particularly in our cities and towns. We have more people than ever in those cities and towns.

But we do also have the technologies to help us with these issues, and increasingly we have the public sector and private market procuring, commissioning and delivering shared mobilities that hold part of the answer of how we are going to get more people into urban areas while making them more pleasant, sustainable places to live and how we are going to provide mobility in rural areas when the costs and physical requirements of private car ownership and use do not stack up for everyone or for the rural environment itself.

I believe we partly all have CoMoUK to thank for that and here’s to the next 20.