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Bristol is a multi-operator city with Co-wheels, Enterprise Car Club (formally City Car Club), Zipcar and more recently hiyacar providing cars for hire in the city. The project focused on expanding the number of car club vehicles.


Expanding car club provision in Bristol has required designating a greater number of parking bays for club users. Over the last 12 months, 49 additional bays have been provided. The car club has also added 5 electric vehicles funded by the programme.


To increase membership, the partners, Bristol City Council (BCC), Co-wheels and Enterprise Car Club carried out a number of marketing activities. For instance, BCC ran a direct marketing campaign to 20,000 addresses, Co-wheels did a leaflet drop of 10,000 to specific areas and City Car Club ran promotions alongside their partner First Bus.


The raised awareness has seen an increase in membership from 2,665 in December 2014 to 3,730 in December 2015, an increase of just over 40%.


Bristol Car Club is also operating a pilot project providing a self-service wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Co-wheels Bristol

Enterprise Car Club Bristol

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Increase in car club members

The number of members increased from 2,665 in December 2014 to 3,730 in December 2015, an increase of 1,065 members.

Private cars removed from the road

Based on the proportion of members who stated that they had sold or disposed of a car in the 12 months before completing the annual surveys (16%), the estimated number of vehicles removed from the roads in Bristol is 613. The equivalent figure in 2014/15 was 268; a further 345 vehicles sold or disposed of.

Deferred private car purchases

Based on the proportion of members who stated that they would have bought a private car if they had not joined the car club, 1,198 car purchases have been deferred in 2015/16. We estimate that 342 car purchases have been deferred due to the members who have joined since 2014/15.

Change in annual household mileage

In the 2015/16 survey, 27% of Bristol members reported that, since joining the car club, they had decreased their car mileage while 21% reported an increase. Overall there was a net decrease in mileage, with the average decrease in private car mileage being 252 miles per survey respondent. By applying this average mileage reduction to the number of new members joined between December 2014 and 2015 (1,065), the total annual car mileage reduction is estimated as 268,380 miles.

Frequency of private car use

By comparing 2015/16 survey results on the frequency of using private cars before and after joining the car club, it is estimated that new members in Bristol have made an estimated 1,252 fewer private car trips each week.


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