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Bristol Community Transport is part of the HCT group. It exists to help people access shared transport that would otherwise be unavailable.

The most vulnerable people in our society are the most likely to be affected by poor access. Close to a quarter of disabled people cite difficulties in using public transport, with 29% of working age disabled people stating that it is a key barrier to employment so access matters.


Schemes like Bristol Community Transport accessible vehicle demonstrate how shared transport can increase access and open up opportunities.


Jackie and her family use Bristol Community Transport’s wheelchair accessible car club so that their family can go on holiday together.


“In our family, there are three of us in wheelchairs,” explains Jackie. “The car club enables us to travel together as one family. Without it, we would not be able to go out together. We use the service to take holidays to Ilfracombe and stay in a caravan or chalet. We also use it for family get-togethers.”



The car club aims to help disabled people get out and about, improving quality of life and wellbeing. The service provides wheelchair accessible vehicles ensuring people can travel together. Vehicles are available by the hour, by the day or for complete weeks.


“It takes the worry out of travelling,” said Jackie. “We can all go on holiday as a family, it saves us money on fuel instead of using two cars.


“Without this car club, my mother and father-in-law would not be able to travel and these trips would be difficult to participate in. With the accessible car we can take two wheelchairs, one scooter, one walker and our equipment – plus my Yorkshire terrier, bless him!”


For Jackie, the impact of the accessible car club in Bristol has not just been getting from A to B, it has been to bring her and her family closer together, enjoying family life.

Bristol Community Transport Wheelchair Accessible Car Club Case Study pdf