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The South West Car Club Consortium, headed up by Co-cars, is expanding and consolidating access to car club vehicles across a number of small town and rural locations in Devon and Dorset.


The project included the merger of Co-Cars and Dorset Flexicars, with a remit to expand and consolidate access to car club vehicles across small towns and rural locations in Devon and Dorset. This merger offers members 24/7 support, customer and member services. By developing one integrated club, it is more efficient and allows for economies of scale allowing the more efficient and effective procurement of services.


Dorset Flexicars was established in 2008 with 70 members and had a fleet of 5 cars located in Weymouth, Dorchester and Blandford Forum. However, it struggled to effectively offer services to customers and businesses.


The merger with Co-cars has increased the number of locations and streamlined the services provided to members. The car club is growing effectively in a number of small towns and rural locations.


Co-cars have also established an operation in Barnstaple, North Devon. The first car was installed in Barnstaple in June 2015 with its own dedicated parking bay.


Co-cars Devon and Cornwall – rail integration project


This project aimed to create four new car clubs and integrate them with the First Great Western rail network, across Devon and Cornwall, an area with no car club provision yet desperately requires a smarter mobility solution.


Four locations for new car clubs have been chosen: Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Truro and Falmouth. Car club vehicles will be located at key rail stations and a multi-modal offer will be developed in partnership with rail operator Great Western which will appeal to visitors. The potential for electric vehicles as a part of the car club will also be assessed.

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