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Good mobility might seem obvious, but will it be realised without intervention?

Whilst innovations such as Autonomous Vehicles or MaaS could deliver significant public benefit, the idea of “heaven” and “hell” scenarios are firmly embedded in current commentaries.


Technological innovation alone won’t necessarily deliver us a transport system that prioritises mobility over access and leads to Good Mobility.

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CoMoUK are therefore actively involved in bringing together a Coalition for Good Mobility. The main purpose is to align better emerging thinking across related networks that would lead to:


• constructive and positive visions of good mobility,


• effective, objective scrutiny of developments that could lead to bad mobility



Through its participants, the Coalition aims to provide:


Advocacy: clear articulation of good mobility – to influence policy and investment


Reaction: informed scrutiny (as critical friend) of developments or claims that relate to new mobility (AVs, new carshare models, mis-directed funding streams etc)


Tools and collateral: Through the network, identify needs and opportunities such as: 

• research on “mobility lifestyle” types 

• video portraits of mobility lifestyles

• Principles of Good Mobility: 


Knowledge sharingand more focussed networking, including a dedicated 


The Coalition is in development in 2018.