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Newly launched in September 2015, the Derby Car Club operates 10 vehicles including 2 electric vehicles.


The new car club is operated by Co-wheels in partnership with the Council and is part of a process to develop the club county wide with links to the Derbyshire car club.

There are 10 parking bays with on street parking at locations throughout the city with the process to make the bays available already being completed.

visit the co-wheels Website


Increase in car club members

As of November 2015, there were 82 members of the new car club.

Car ownership

Car ownership levels are high in Derby, with 91% owning at least one car. 54% of car club members in Derbyshire own at least one car.

Change in annual household mileage

The average annual mileage driven was 7,330 miles a year which is similar to the national average of 7,500 (National Travel Survey 2013). In comparison, the average annual mileage amongst car club members in Derbyshire is 3,300, less than half that of the general population surveyed.

Frequency of private car use

In Derby, 76% of respondents travelled by car at least once a week with most (68%) travelling more than three times a week. In comparison, only one in three Derbyshire car club members travels by car as driver at least once a week.

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