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Derbyshire County Council is working in partnership with the local NHS and the Local Authority to create new car clubs to complement the recently launched car club in Derby.


Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) is working with Co-wheels to provide pool cars for business use and some private use by staff.


Initially 10 vehicles were used as pool cars based at 5 community hospital sites across Derbyshire and comprised of 9 low emission petrol and diesel cars and 1 electric vehicle.


This project has expanded the fleet to 20 to cover more sites across Derbyshire, to establish a public car club and to integrate it with expanded business use of the vehicles.


The combined business use and public car club use has enabled the car club to grow more efficiently through achieving higher vehicle utilisation.


The partners in this bid are aiming to create a car club model for rural counties that could be replicated elsewhere.

visit the co-wheels Website

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