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Derwent Valley Car Club used community engagement and market research to establish where future expansion for their electric vehicles was needed.


Derwent Valley Car Club was formed in June 2013. It was set up with a National Lottery grant which allowed the car club to purchase a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, three electric bikes and a set of photovoltaic cells. These solar panels were installed on the roof of the Village Hall and can supply enough power that charging the car and the bikes is effectively free.


The Club submitted a bid for funding to run a consultation to establish the feasibility of expanding into the surrounding areas. Once the bid was funded, the group delivered a survey flyer to 21,700 local homes. In addition to this they ran an online survey and advertising campaign on Facebook and attended local events.


The response to their activities was very positive – not just people who wanted to join the car club, but also new volunteer drivers to help elderly people access the mobility the Club offers and a business offering to provide a parking and charge point space.