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Eastleigh Borough Council received a small grant from the DCCE programme to replace two existing diesel car club vehicles with electric Renault Zoes. The car club is operated by Co-wheels. The new vehicles were relocated from the Council offices to a more prominent on-street location next to Eastleigh Bus Station (within easy walking distance of the rail station.) Eastleigh Borough Council also made the decision to replace the two other car club vehicles with the low emission Toyota Yaris (hybrids).


The new vehicles (EVs) have encouraged greater use of the car club. The project also aimed to appeal to other business users who were not previously making use of the car club because the location of vehicles in the Council car park was inconvenient.


Around two thirds of the current car club usage is from Council staff. Many staff had not experienced using an EV (or an automatic car) previously. Co-wheels in partnership with the Council have provided training for users and an easy to use ‘how to’ guide for the EVs as well as videos on the staff intranet.




As a result of the EVs purchased, the Council has improved its CO2 emission associated with staff mileage. Emissions savings will further increase in 2017 as a result of the two newly purchased Yaris hybrid vehicles. The Council is also examining the financial viability of adding a fifth vehicle to the car club fleet to expand the coverage, subject to funding being identified.


The project also provided access to the car club cars with the Solent Go smartcard, which can be used on bus services, ferries and hovercraft in the region. By adding Co-wheels cars to the Solent Go card it has become much easier for users to include car club use in multi modal journeys and has helped to improve awareness of the car club. Enterprise Car Club vehicles in Southampton are also included on the Solent Go Card.

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