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Go E-bike is a regional e-bike sharing scheme developed in partnership between the South East of Scotland Transport Partnership and CoMoUK.

GO e-Bike University of St. Andrews

GO e-Bike Employer E-bike Pool Roadshow

GO e-Bike West Lothian Bike Library

GO e-Bike CLEAR Buckhaven

GO e-Bike Forth Valley






GO e-Bike is a regional bike share scheme offering electrically assisted bicycles in a range of different contexts. The project is testing e-bikes to assess where they can achieve the following objectives:

• Reducing congestion

• Improving public health

• Improving accessibility to employment, health and leisure facilities

• Raise profile of active travel as viable component of integrated transport strategies

• Inciting behavioral change

• Improving social inclusion

Electric bikes can improve air quality through ultra-low emission commuting, support healthy lifestyles, and open access to opportunities. They can achieve this by attracting a wider range of people cycling and increasing the number of trips people can make by bike.

South East Scotland is a dynamic and growing area which aspires to become one of northern Europe’s leading economic regions. Essential to this is the development of a transport system which; enables businesses to function effectively allowing all groups in society to share in the region’s success through high quality access to services and opportunities, respects the environment, and contributes to better health.