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A new car club with 21 cars has been introduced to the inner city area of Salford, including the introduction of 4 electric vehicles, to further expand the fleet of car club vehicles in the Greater Manchester area.


The car club in Salford was formally established in May 2015 with initial plans for 10 vehicles. Demand has led to an increase in the first three months leading to expansion to 21 vehicles including 4 electric vehicles.


Introduction of the car club, to Salford, has seen a seamless integration with public transport, with members able to use their System One travelcard across the city. System One is available for unlimited travel on any bus in Greater Manchester with 1, 7 and 28 day travelcards or an annual card.


The total number of cars for the Greater Manchester area has increased from 41 in December 2014 to 64 in December 2015, an increase of 23 cars, (including the 4 electric vehicles in Salford).


To date Transport for Greater Manchester has achieved a number of milestones. These include the creation of a new car club in Salford, the marketing and promotion of the Car Club and delivery of vehicles with open membership of the Car Club to the public.


It is planned that 1,200 members of Salford Council will be able to use the club for business travel in the future.


One of the key features of the clubs is the provision of electric vehicles. So far, Salford has delivered 2 dual headed electric vehicle charging posts (4 charging points in total) which has allowed the introduction of the electric vehicles within the fleet of 21. Further, Salford will commission a further study reviewing the potential for a further 12 car club bays around Salford.


In addition, Greater Manchester has produced start-up guidance for local authorities in the Greater Manchester area with a view to expanding the car club network to local authorities in the area.


Outline Business Cases have been produced for Manchester, Rochdale, Stockport, Trafford and Wigan and a detailed business case for Oldham has also been delivered. The business case work shows substantial transport and travel budget savings if each Local Authority were to implement a similar car club model for business travel to the one Salford Council have implemented.

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Increase in Car Club Members

The number of members increased from 1,703 in December 2014 to 1,941 in December 2015, an increase of 238 members.

Private cars removed from the roads

Based on the proportion of members who stated that they had sold or disposed of a car in the 12 months before completing the annual survey, the estimated number of vehicles removed from the roads in Greater Manchester is 157. The equivalent figure in 2014/15 was 148, implying a further 8 vehicles were sold or disposed of.

Deferred private car purchases

Based on the proportion of members who stated that they would have bought a private car if they had not joined the car club, 391 car purchases have been deferred in 2015/16. We estimate that 33 car purchases have been deferred due to the increased membership levels since 2014/15.

Change in annual household mileage

In the 2015/16 survey, 19% of Greater Manchester members reported that, since joining the car club, they had decreased their car mileage while 31% reported an increase. Overall there was a net decrease in mileage, with the average decrease in private car mileage was 292 miles per survey respondent. By applying this average mileage reduction to the number of new members joined between December 2014 and 2015 (238), the total annual car mileage reduction is estimated to be 69,577 miles.

Frequency of private car use

By comparing 2015/16 survey results on the frequency of using private cars before and after joining the car club, it is estimated that new members in Greater Manchester have made 95 fewer private car trips each week.


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