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Surrey County Council have had a longstanding commitment to car clubs and the use of car clubs for corporate travel. The DCCE programme funded the development of the existing car club in Guildford, from two vehicles to eight vehicles (including 3 electric / plug in hybrid vehicles). The car club in Guildford is operated by Enterprise Car Club (formerly City Car Club).


The first stage of the project was to re-tender for the car club operation across Surrey. Enterprise Car Club was successful in the tender process and took over operation of the car club in December 2015. A car club officer was also appointed in autumn 2015 to help deliver the Guildford expansion project, including implementing eight new on-street car club bays, through Traffic Regulation Orders, and three electric charging points.


The car club is already used by both Surrey County Council staff, and the expansion in Guildford has greatly increased public membership and use. It has also provided members with the opportunity to try out an electric or plug in hybrid vehicle.


As part of the project, Surrey County Council’s Environment Policy team worked with Enterprise Car Club to develop a marketing strategy for the car club expansion. Enterprise also used innovative mobile phone advertising to target potential users at each of the locations where new car club vehicles were being launched.



Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council supported Enterprise in promoting the new car club to local businesses through the Surrey Travel SMART business network and to the wider community through social media, local magazine features and a mail out to 5,000 residents. The marketing campaign led up to the new car club’s launch event in May 2016, supported by local council members, who enthusiastically championed its use.


Since May, membership of the car club in Guildford has more than quadrupled (up from 36 to 161 members) and the cars have been well used, being booked out on average 20% of the day. Over 6,000 hours of bookings have been made. The electric and hybrid vehicles have been booked out most, with the full EV (Nissan LEAF) used 151 times in 6 months by 30 different members, driving 6,000 miles (with zero emissions).

With the expansion in Guildford, Enterprise Car Club are now operating 19 cars in Surrey, with a total membership of 490.


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