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Harbury Car Club provides a community service using electric vehicles in a small village where car ownership is regarded as a necessity.


Harbury has established an electric car club with 2 electric vehicles with an electric bay located to the rear of the village’s library and has made membership open to all.


The project’s aim was to establish whether a car club, servicing the rural community which find cars essential for their lifestyle, can work. The club is averaging 28 bookings a month as of March 2016 with a total of 242 up to this date.


The club established “E-Wheels” in November 2015 with the aim to provide a free local community transport service using 8 voluntary drivers for those unable to afford costs such as getting to the doctor or dentist. A primary use was for trips to the hospital. Volunteers also collect and deliver food from Tesco to the local food bank.


A further, latent, benefit to E-Wheels is that the availability of transport reduces social isolation, particularly for older people on their own, by increasing mobility.



To launch the club all residents received a flyer. Local BBC News also featured a story about the club when it announced its grant funding win.


Harbury also won funding from Big60million which funded the ‘banking’ of 250 hours free use for community services from launch.


The club regularly contacts members with offers and news updates and posts regularly to Facebook. There is also a column in the local magazine every month usually featuring updates on the car club.

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