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The project included merging the existing car club with Co-Cars, converting the existing two vehicles to telematics operation, re-launch, development of promotional materials and liaison with Wiltshire Council and other stakeholders. The two hOURCARS vehicles were converted to telematics operation and added to the Co-Cars booking system in January 2016.



A successful launch event was held in February 2016 and this received good coverage in the local media.


Promotional materials have been developed for residents and businesses which now feature the Salisbury vehicles and 4000 copies of the spring newsletter have been printed and distributed.


hOURCARS continue to work with Wiltshire Council to achieve the longer term goal of relocating the Toyota Yaris to an alternative city centre site which would provide better coverage of central Salisbury.


Since the merger, there has been an upward trend in membership, with 13 new members joining (the merger unfortunately resulted in the loss of five existing members).


The steering group are confident that under the Co-Cars umbrella there is now a much more marketable car share product in Salisbury, which will prove attractive to both businesses and residential users alike.

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