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The Isle of Wight has 20 Red Squirrel Electric bikes for hire on the island’s extensive paved off road paths and stunning coastal roads. The Peugeot electric bikes are evidently visible outside staffed hubs in Newport, Ryde and directly located opposite the Red Jet Terminal in Cowes.


The GPS has been a useful tool to explain to tourist attraction managers the power of the cycling pound, by looking at the frequency of visits and monitoring time spent. The bikes are being used for relatively long leisure trips to The Needles.


Visit Isle of Wight are engaged in a strong marketing campaign working with ferry operators. There are banners at the ferry terminals. Advertising responsibility is being incorporated in to contracts with the operators, they are working on offering a combined ferry/ebike ticket. Launching with Red Funnel and Wight Link, there will be a London Underground escalator screen campaign.


Visit Isle of Wight have distributed ‘do not disturb’ door signs to all accommodation providers on the island, with the message of ‘do not disturb I am recovering from a Red Squirrel ride’.



Robert used to be a regular cyclist however due to knee injuries he found riding a conventional bike difficult. Robert hired a bike from the Visitor Info Centre in Newport, to join family and friends he was visit for a ride on the Red Squirrel Trail.


Robert said:

“Thank you for convincing me to have a go on one of your ebikes! I used to cycle loads but my knees aren’t up to it nowadays and I can’t ride normal bikes without being in pain. I can’t believe how much the e-bikes make a difference. The power meant I was able to keep up with my family without hurting my knees and enjoy a ride on the great Red Squirrel Trail. I’m going to look in to buying one when I get back home and get back into riding!”


A Red Squirrel E-Bike rider commented how:

“Electric bikes are good as it enables me to cycle up hills without straining. I can go further & I use it on holiday every day” 

“My wife never used to come riding with me but now she can and does”


See the Red Squirrel Bikes website for more details.

VISIT THE website