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A new and exciting direction for Carplus Scotland. After eight years of the ‘Developing Car Clubs in Scotland’ programme, the sector has grown and evolved, and so our programme has adapted to reflect this. The new 2018/19 ‘Making Shared Transport Work for Scotland’ programme, funded by Transport Scotland, has a wider remit and will work towards making shared transport (car clubs, bike share and ride sharing) as effective as possible at delivering benefits to people and places in Scotland.



This year’s programme will focus on raising awareness of what is possible and creating conditions to nurture development. The aim of this work will be to unlock good development and investment, leading to better mobility.


As well as continuing to be a resource for guidance, best practice and evidence to support shared transport, the team will also be engaging with new audiences to increase awareness of the potential of shared transport with five key contexts – workplaces, property development, visitor economy, communities, renewables. This will include spreading the benefits of shared transport to new types of neighbourhoods, promoting effective shared transport for workplaces; identifying opportunity for visitor shared transport and working to embed shared transport thinking into the planner/development sector.



To deliver this new programme we are also expanding the Scotland team. There will be a team of 5; Scotland Director of Co-mobility, Co-mobility Adviser, Programme Manager, Bikeshare Manager, and Marketing and Communications Executive. With this strengthened team we will be able to communicate compelling co-mobility and offer place-focused support including linking e-mobility to renewables generation and tackling isolation through identifying opportunities for shared transport within community transport.  Our experts will also work with key stakeholders and decision makers to integrate mobility through projects such as integrated ticketing and Mobility as a Service projects.


If you would like any more information about the new ‘Making Shared Transport Work in Scotland’ programme, please contact us at or call 0131 243 2734.