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When we think about the goals of shared Micromobility (bikes, scooters, “rideables”), we’re really thinking about a shift. This shift is about moving people in more sustainable, more societally positive ways.

This shift brings about benefits to our towns and cities from journeys that would otherwise be negative

This shift creates solutions from trips that would normally cause problems.

As a member and advocate of CoMoUK, Beeline is working towards this shift by increasing access to safer, more enjoyable routes.

In that process, it’s worth stepping back and looking at the ways to grow shared Micromobility. In other words, what are the ways to make it a broad reality?

 One of the key ways is addressing ease of access, which can be achieved through tackling a few challenges:

  1. Availability of vehicles
  2. Quality of vehicles
  3. Experience of journey

 There are a lot of ways that riders, providers, and facilitators of shared Micromobility can work on their own to address those first two challenges. We’ve seen operators adapt vehicle design and optimise distribution. We see authorities problem-solving for greater community benefit. We see tweaks to the user experience made across different forms of shared schemes.

But the third challenge is beyond any one party’s control. The experience of journey goes beyond the sharing space; it affects all road users.

The road environment for Micromobility in the UK is, in many locations, uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. 

What does this mean when we think back to the original aims of shared Micromobility? It means that those potential trips on Micromobility vehicles aren’t happening. 

They’re not being taken by different groups of people because they either don’t know how, or don’t feel safe.

Breaking this experience of the journey down further, the barriers to getting around are twofold:

  1. Perception and reality of safety on the streets
  2. The act of navigating these streets

 Much is being said and done, both in the bubble of the transportation industry and on a wider societal level, to physically improve how we get around on two wheels. We’re seeing various levels of investment in infrastructure, education, and accessibility for safer streets.

In the meantime, however, we believe that there are solutions to ensure safety and comfort for riders. 

These can get more people taking better journeys now and prepare more people for better journeys in the future.

Across the UK and the world, there are options for better journeys, it’s just a matter of finding them. Once that happens, and to make the Micromobility shift happen, the next step is to make them easy to access.

 That’s where the kind of accessible navigation that Beeline is building comes in. Through providing smart routing that is immediately available to shared Micromobility users, it’s possible to:

  1.  Make journeys safer.
  2. Unknown journeys are no longer a source of uncertainty and anxiety.
  3. 2. Link up with the wider sustainable mobility ecosystem.
  4. Direct riders in-journeys, and nudge them towards mobility hubs, or optimised locations for other shared journeys.
  5. Inform for the future
  6. One aspect of Beeline routing relies on insights on riders’ experiences. These are invaluable in showing city planners and mobility innovators what users need and where to direct investment.

We’re really excited about collecting active human feedback during journeys to improve the routing for everyone. This focuses on analysing the human experience to make sure that Micromobility trips are enjoyed by people from all walks (or rides) of life.

 We would love to see the UK transform into a society of active travellers, and believe that shared mobility options are key to achieving that future.

 For now, we don’t have to wait for years of infrastructure investment. We can send Micromobility riders on safer, better routes and keep shifting those journeys for the better. 

Find out more about our solutions for Micromobility providers here.