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CoMoUK is pleased to be a partner in the new EU Interegg Two Seas project, Mobi-Mix.

Mobi-Mix, which runs until September 2022 and seeks to find effective ways of working with the private sector to implement successful shared mobility solutions (e.g. e-bikes, e-scooters, shared mopeds, docked bikes, shared cars and on-demand buses). It will also run trials of MaaS applications.

The project will support 5 authorities to create pilot projects. The partners include Antwerp city, Norfolk County Council, City of Mechelen (Belgium), Metropolitan area of Valenciennes (France) alongside Ghent University, POLIS, Transalley technology park, Gustave Eiffel University and Cambridge Cleantech.

CoMoUK’s role is to facilitate dialogue between the public and private sector partners, advise on pilot project plans and feeding into a handbook of the most promising models for implementing Shared Mobility and MaaS.

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