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The main focus of the project is to extend the Newcastle Car Club into communities across the North East.


A market analysis was commissioned into the demographic and travel characteristics of residents. It identified that 3 groups were most likely to use the car club – those with liberal opinions, established professional and comfortable suburbs. The report highlighted geographic areas with the most favourable demographics and these formed the basis of the car club expansion.


However, some thought was put into trialling groups and others which are not traditionally car club users but which would benefit from the access that car clubs provides such as having access to a vehicle without the need to own one.


The Authority is undertaking a thorough process of creating the necessary infrastructure with parking bays being prepared for both internal combustion engine and electric vehicles.


The creation of bays for club cars is ongoing. It has been completed in Sunderland with other areas remaining to be processed.


The installation of charging posts is also an ongoing process with 4 in place while Newcastle is awaiting 2 further bays. All other infrastructure is in place.


The number of club cars has increased from 30 in December 2015 to 76 in February 2016 as a result of investment through the DCCE programme.


Marketing has now commenced and a launch event took place in North Tyneside. Extensive flier delivery has been conducted with a second round in planning.


By siting vehicles in other areas suggested by the report, an additional 120 members were attracted generating £8,500 per month. Overall membership has more than doubled.


Several successful partnerships have been established. NHS Business Authorities have joined and agreements have been made with Sunderland University and Sunderland Council.


Now that the majority of cars are in place a recruitment drive to add new members is to intensify.

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Increase in car club members

The number of members increased from 995 in December 2014 to 2,305 in December 2015, an increase of 1,310 members.

Private cars removed from the roads

Based on the proportion of members who stated that they had sold or disposed of a car in the 12 months before completing the annual surveys (13%), the estimated number of vehicles removed from the roads in Tyne and Wear is 288. The equivalent figure in 2014/15 was 100; a further 188 vehicles sold or disposed of.

For each new car approximately 4 private cars have been removed from the road.

Deferred private car purchases

Based on the proportion of members who stated that they would have bought a private car if they had not joined the car club, 995 car purchases have been deferred in 2015/16. We estimate that 566 car purchases have been deferred due to the increased membership levels since 2014/15.

Change in annual household mileage

In the 2015/16 survey, 18% of Tyne and Wear members reported that, since joining the car club, they had increased their car mileage while 32% reported a decrease. Overall there was a net decrease in mileage, with the average decrease in private car mileage was 352 miles per survey respondent. By applying this average mileage reduction to the number of new members joined between December 2014 and 2015 (1,310), the total annual car mileage reduction is estimated as 461,477 miles.

Frequency of private car use

By comparing 2015/16 survey results on the frequency of using private cars before and after joining the car club, it is estimated that new members in Tyne and Wear have made an estimated 2,566 fewer private car trips each week.


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