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The key objectives of Nottingham City Car Club are to work with Enterprise Car Club towards launching new car club sites while funding additional vehicles.


In September 2014 the car club had 8 vehicles. Over the course of just over a year (to December 2015) this has grown to 13 cars, with 5 additional parking bays being made available.


The car club is integrated with the Citycard, the Council’s smart ticket which offers train, tram, bus and bike travel and is used to book car club cars.


The marketing focus has been on social media with further promotion through local media on the benefits and accessibility of the car club.


A significant component of the new car club is the extensive marketing and promotion by Nottingham City Council (NCC). For example, an article was printed in the Nottingham Arrow which reached 130,000 households.


There is ongoing action to explore joint promotion to rail passengers through train operating companies and to members of Enterprise Car Club in other cities who are planning to visit Nottingham.


The next phase of the expansion project is to reassess the requirements for infrastructure to support cycle hire and parking at 4 new hire locations.


The club will continue to target rail passengers with better cross-promotion of car club through Citycard channels.


Business membership will also be promoted.



Increase in car club members

There were 188 members in 2014, increasing to 241 in 2015.

Car ownership

In the panel survey, the majority of respondents in Nottingham (85%) owned at least one car. In contrast, 36% of car club members in Nottinghamshire own at least one car.

Change in annual household mileage

In the panel survey, the average annual mileage driven (calculated using the mid points of mileage ranges, and including all respondents car-owning and non-car-owning) was 5,994 miles a year which is slightly less than the national average of 7,500 (National Travel Survey 2013).

In comparison, the average annual mileage amongst car club members in Nottinghamshire is 3,000, less than half that of the general population surveyed.

Frequency of private car use

In the panel survey, 66% of respondents travelled by car as driver at least once a week with 50% travelling more than three times a week. In comparison, 27% of Nottinghamshire car club members travels by car as driver at least once a week.


visit the enterprise car club Website

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