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Outspoken Delivery currently has 21 cargo bikes and trikes in their fleet at their Cambridge and Norwich depots, 13 of which currently have electric assist.

The company is making 7 available for the Bikeplus shared electric cargo bike scheme, 4 of which can be hired any time by local businesses for their own deliveries and for members of the public, with the remaining three being available when Outspoken Delivery are not employing them as couriers (e.g. late afternoons, evenings and weekends).

Outspoken Delivery complement big logistics giants and work as subcontractor for Royal Mail, Parcel Force, TNT and Hermes in dense urban areas.


The Shared Electric Programme funded project is delivering wider policy benefits:


• Reducing carbon emissions and low emissions cycles for logistics sector;


• In 2014, the company’s delivery riders cycled over 100,000 miles saving 45 tonnes of carbon dioxide. In 2015 this increased to over 126,000 miles saving over 56 tonnes of CO2. These facts emphasise the environmental benefits of using cargo bikes.


• Improved offer for employees;


• Rob King, Director stated “Anecdotally we are seeing improved utilisation of our delivery riders as they are they are able to work longer. Our riders can easily be riding 40/50 miles per day with heavy loads which is not sustainable 6 days per week without electric assist. As part of the project we are being provided with trackers so we will soon be able to quantify the efficiency gains as we will be tracking both our manual and electric assist cargo bikes.”


• Tom, a cycle courier, said “What is really excellent about the electric assist is the ability to pull away from traffic lights and tackle inclines when you are hauling cargo weighing over 200kg.”


Introducing the public to shared cargo bikes.


• After training Outspoken is offering e-cargo bikes to move groceries.


• Bikes can be equiped with children carrying equipment to allow parents to experience the advantages of cargo bikes.


• The scheme is offering a try-before-you-buy offer for those interested in purchasing an electric cargo bike


see the Shared Electric Programme




“Yes we are using the bike every day. It has greatly simplified our school/work schedule and I have done over 1,000km to date and expect to reach 1,500km before leaving Cambridge”.


Outspoken’s first Cargo Bike customer


“I gave up my car a few years ago and these cargo bikes really fit a market in Cambridge – carrying stuff that won’t fit in an ordinary bike but you’d feel a bit silly getting a van for. I should add that it’s enormous fun too!”  


“It was chaos when we arrived at the venue with car drivers trying to unload their items and blocking the access points. We were able to cycle right up to the entrance quickly unload without any stress. I will definitely be using the cargo bikes for all future local events”.