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Expansion of 70 electric bikes to the Journey Matters bike scheme offering bikes to employees and the public via a popular mobile hub, aiming to attract commuters who previously do not cycle with short loans.


The scheme is running a try-before-you-buy taster to encourage long term electric bike, 29% intended to purchase an electric bike after the loan, in total there have been 401 bike loans, making 9008 journeys. Electric Bikes are typically loaned to participants for 4 weeks. Including pedal bike loans a total of employees at a number of high profile businesses have benefited from the try-before-you-buy scheme in Rotherham:


• Capita – 142 loans

• Royal Mail

• Next – 44 loans

• Rotherham Borough Council – 139 loans

• Webhelp UK – 7 loans

• AES Seal – 14 loans

• NHS – 35 loans

• South Yorkshire Police – 11 loans

• Thetfords – 9 loans


Georgia from Rotherham commented how:

“After having my son, I returned back to work and had to work out how I was going to do the nursery drop off/pick up in the most efficient way. Unfortunately cycling was not an option, as it was too far and up too many steep hills to get there. I’d describe myself as relatively fit, but struggling up hills with a three-year old is not fun. So I used to drive him to the nursery, drive home and then cycle to work, and at the end of the day, cycle home, and get in the car to go and collect him.

“It doesn’t sound much, but the increase in our spending on fuel, all the extra time spent stuck in traffic and the worry of always being late was really stressful. I needed to look at ways of how I was going to get around like in the ‘good old days’, pre-kids, but now with a child in tow”


Brett from Kimberworth near Rotherham went on to purchase a standard bike:

“It’s a fantastic and hassle free scheme, I was amazed at the quality of the electric bike and that all the safety equipment was provided. It is the perfect way to see how cycling works for you. I used to cycle seven miles to and from work, every day for two months and soon found my fitness and confidence building. The Raleigh Motus is a great bike for commuting very comfortable and easy to use. I’ve now purchased a pedal bike and when I get home, I’m feeling less stressed from traffic and I’ve lost a stone and a half too”.


Nawaz Khan, Tinsley, Sheffield explained how:

“About three years ago I never knew how to ride a bike. I got diagnosed with an illness so I had started exercising in the gym and going walking. I came across the electric bike loan scheme and thought I’d give it a go, for a person like me it’s been really good and helped me a lot with the kind of cycling I do. We’re a family of five and have a car, but don’t really like using it if we can help it. I can do longer distances with the electric bike. I used it to go to meetings to or cycle to the tram stop if I needed to go further”.


Craig Burns, from Maltby near Rotherham

Craig has taken a different approach to his commute to work, by cycling on an electric bike. As part of the loan project delivered by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) hired an electric bike for three months cycling a daily 16-mile round trip from his home to his place of work at Integrated Services, specialist division within Wolseley UK Ltd, in Rotherham town centre.

Craig said:

“I didn’t cycle before and I wanted to try an electric bike before I bought one”

“It has taken a while to build up my level of fitness, but now I cycle to and from work and ride at the weekend whilst out doing my shopping. I’ve cycled 1,000 miles and ride at least 5 times a week”.


Gerald from Rotherham said:

“It has given me the love to cycle for pleasure something I haven’t done for nearly 30 years seeing places that I wouldn’t normally see cycling around the vast canal paths around Sheffield and Rotherham seeing wildlife I wouldn’t normally see”.


See the Journey Matters website for more details.

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