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The Shared Electric Bike Programme installed electric bikes in eleven projects across England and studied how these bikes were used. Our findings highlighted the opportunity to widen the appeal of cycling to those who don’t wish to or cannot ride a standard bike.

The data from 2,286 participants who made 11,702 journeys cycled over 27,000 miles showing that electric bikes can enable healthy, flexible, low cost travel for all abilities, in hilly areas and for longer distances without the need for too much exertion or ‘cycling clothes’.



Download the Shared Electric Bike Programme Final Report

Shared Electric Bike Programme Final Report


Download the Shared Electric Bike Programme Report Executive Summary

Shared Electric Bike Programme Report executive summary



1. Explore the potential for of increasing e-bike (and pedal bike) availability at more rail stations, travel hubs and accommodation networks across the UK.


2. Open up funding from the OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to include e-bikes alongside electric vehicles.


3. Develop a strategic national programme of try-before-you-buy for e-bikes.


4. Update the cycle-to-work scheme so that it encourages people to acquire e-bikes.


5. Evidence and further research