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What are Shared Mobility Pledges?

CoMoUK is joining forces with European partners to create The Shared Mobility Pledge as part of the ShareNorth programme. Building on the success of a similar scheme called the Green Deal in Belgium and the Netherlands, the charity is calling upon stakeholders with an interest in creating future mobility systems for their area to sign a commitment to take action to accelerate the growth and quality of shared transport services.

Successful co-mobility projects come from strong partnerships, CoMoUK will be working with city authorities, operators, and local partners to create a menu of support required from all stakeholders. By teasing out specific pledges to support the development of car clubs, bike share, ride share and emerging modes we will develop best practice case studies to share across the UK and with EU partners.

‘It’s all about combining forces, says Jeffrey Matthijs, from Share-North. The strength and beauty of the Green Deal, he notes, is the wide variety of different types of organisations involved: insurance companies, research institutes, regional provinces, cities, municipalities, the Polis network and umbrella federations of the car rental and motor industries. The plan now is to replicate this system in the UK.

Pledges and working groups

CoMoUK will work with partners to identify barriers to growth and success. Some barriers may require local solutions however where appropriate national working groups will also be developed. Exploring means to overcome barriers will lead to a series of suggested pledges on topics such those listed below:

  • technology and innovation,
  • parking zones, kerb space and mobility hubs,
  • investment and revenue funding,
  • shared mobility in business parks, & new housing developments,
  • insurance, data and legal,
  • marketing & pricing strategies,
  • integration,
  • social inclusion.

Process of sign up

Local authorities and other organisations developing shared transport schemes such as business parks, community groups, or universities will be invited to sign up to the Shared Mobility Pledge.  Each will be offered a series of suggested pledges for themselves and partners to commit to. They will also have the chance to amend these or add their own pledges. More than one partner can create a set of pledges for a region, city, town or borough. The set of pledges will then become the Shared Mobility Acton Plan for the area. The documents will be posted on the website to raise the profile of the development of shared mobility development and to facilitate the sharing of ideas.

To get involved email

Operators and service provider will also be able to support the Shared Mobility Pledge scheme.

Step one is to apply for CoMoUK accreditation status. Beyond this each operator can further action with additional pledges and sign up to be a Shared Mobility Pledge Sponsor.