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What is good mobility? 

The old norms of how we travel are being replaced by mobility becoming a part of how we design our lifestyles. Different opportunities that allow us to connect – to each other, to services and to information – also increasingly means we don’t need to travel as much.



At the same time, new types of services are disrupting the travelling landscape. Uber and Public Bike Share are rapidly becoming part of the fabric of cities; autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are variously hailed as new dawns that will transform how we travel.



The future could be great – with better, fairer lower impact transport, there is a big risk that it could lead to exacerbation of problems.






Good Mobility is all about mobility lifestyles that – compared to those of today – have less environmental impact (emissions, place) and are more equitable. It’s about embracing the changes that are happening, but influencing their direction to maximise public benefit. 


“Good” is emerging in other sectors as a priority:


• The Mayor of London’s Good Growth by Design


• PwC’s Good Growth for Cities 


We need good cities, not just smart cities


Public perceptions of relative importance of economic & social issues according to PWC’s Good Growth for Cities 2017



We need good cities, not just smart cities. Simply building loT-based applications for a city is sufficient to improve a citizen's quality of life, is not really building a smart city.

Agnes Sheehan for Tech Exchange


Co-mobility and good mobility


Co-mobility enables good mobility and good mobility frames the development of co-mobility


These come together in the Shared Mobility Principles for Liveable Cities – where mobility is multimodal and integrated, where vehicles are the right-size, shared and zero emission.



CoMoUK are working on developing principles for good mobility from these – extending them beyond the city limits, and in consultation with UK stakeholders to maximise their impact in the UK.


CoMoUK would like to see these implemented through a similar framework to the Dutch & Belgian Green Deal models – where Local Authorities sign up to a set of principles designed to lead to effective implementation of good shared mobility.