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Ridesharing providers




BlaBlaCar is a trusted community marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. BlaBlaCar users transport over 700,000 passengers every month, creating an entirely new, people powered, transport network. With a dedicated customer service centre, a state of the art web and mobile platform and a fast-growing community of users, BlaBlaCar is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for millions of members across Europe.


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Carbon Heroes



Carbon heroes is a specialist provider of sustainable transport solutions. It works with employers, business parks and retail parks and can operate regional public schemes that enable local government bodies to promote sustainable travel. Its service comprises a leading technology platform that incorporates 2+ car sharing and taxi matching, sharing and/or logging journeys on foot and on two wheels and integration with public transport data feeds.


The system provides data on the journeys taken and the associated carbon savings. It has been designed to be intuitive in addressing the natural concerns many people have before changing their travel habits. carbonheroes reinvests in technology, ensuring that this experience is improved and new capabilities added.


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GoCarShare believes that travelling by car should be fun, sustainable and low cost.


It has created a trusted community by connecting people with Facebook. Users can see whether they share friends, have similar interests or like similar music, and there is an eBay style rating system.


GoCarShare has formed partnerships with over 100 festivals and events, with incentives including the chance to park right at the front and win festival tickets if you share the ride. There are also special goCarShare pages for fans going to football matches and students travelling back to university. A formula works out a fair contribution for passengers to pay drivers, ensuring that both parties save money.


GoCarShare is an award winning 2+ car sharing website that has been featured extensively in the national press.








Liftshare is a social enterprise that helps people travel more sustainably by sharing their journey. Its free online network matches people with similar journeys so they can travel better together – saving money and cutting their carbon footprint. With over 300,000 active members, Liftshare provides an opportunity to find someone to share a journey with.


For employers, Liftshare provides innovative 2+ car sharing software and personal travel planning tools. It has helped over 600 businesses and communities set up their own online journey-matching tools to encourage 2+ car sharing and make better use of parking spaces. Its dedicated business team provides ongoing support services to help employers market and monitor their scheme effectively.








Jambusters aims to help employers and individuals reduce their carbon footprint, their parking and commuting burden and save money. Its services, used by major private and public sector employers, include 2+ car sharing, parking administration and travel planning. Jambusters is highly flexible and tailors to specific customer requirements, providing innovative and financially attractive software solutions.


Jambusters provides services nationwide and brands them with the customer’s own scheme. Many are never advertised outside the employer.


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Carshare Online



Carshare Online has been providing travel share schemes for major employers since 1998 and has produced five generations of innovative software. It provides a total service from scheme design and administration to promotion and monitoring, exactly tailored to the individual needs of each client.


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Faxi – “your friends as a taxi” is a smartphone application and technology platform that allows commuters to match with others wishing to share journeys and record their journeys to receive a financial incentive. For companies it integrates with car park management systems to automatically check compliance, offering  incentives including reserved and discounted parking. It uses in app peer to peer payment to ease managing costs.





Shared taxi services


(On-demand mini buses UK)


Operations in the UK include:

Arriva Click


Sittingbourne Kent



Arriva Click have been operating in the UK since April 2017 with their pilot study in Kent serving the local science park from the population centre of Sittingbourne.



In the first year of operation they have had over 55,000 journeys completed, 82% of passengers have swapped from modes other than traditional bus services and the average estimated time of arrival is 10 minutes.  Arriva operate a corner-to-corner service rather than door-to-door.



Via Technology are behind Arriva Click and ViaVan in London.


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Pick Me Up


by Go Ahead, Oxford and Via



Pick-me-up provide “pick-me-up” services from around Oxford. Go head is providing an on demand service with six 17-seater ultra-low emission mini buses from “virtual bus stops” within a 12 square-mile area serving employers in the eastern side of the city.


There is an initial fare of £2.50 with surcharge of £2.50 if the journey is on an existing bus route.  


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a van pooling partnership between Via and Mercedez Benz – marketed as “an e-hail option that [Londoners] can feel good about” that uses “virtual bus stops”. It demonstrates well the blurring of definitions between ride pooling and micro transit.




Overseas providers

Shared e-scooters (stand up)

Shared e-scooters (sit down)

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