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CoMoUK is joining forces with European partners to create The Shared Mobility Pledge as part of the ShareNorth programme. Building on the success of a similar scheme called the Green Deal in Belgium and the Netherlands, Stakeholders with an interest in creating future mobility systems for their area are being asked to sign a commitment to take action to accelerate the growth and quality of shared transport services.


The framework for the pledges is based upon the key elements which CoMoUK believes are required to maximise the benefits of shared mobility and help our environment, health and communities.

To achieve this shared cars, bikes and rides need to be:


  • spread to all potential areas,
  • to be designed to minimise environmental impacts
  • to be designed to be fair and inclusive
  • to be quality convenient service
  • to be integrated with public transport
  • to be integrated into new housing developments



‘It’s all about combining forces, says Jeffrey Matthijs, from Share-North. The strength and beauty of the pledge programme in Belgium, he notes, is the wide variety of different types of organisations involved."

Successful co-mobility projects come from strong partnerships, CoMoUK has created a menu of support required from different stakeholders. We are now inviting local authorities and other organisations developing shared mobility schemes such as business parks, community groups, or universities to sign up to the Shared Mobility Pledge.  The links below offer a series of suggested pledges to select, adapt and add to. 

Please contact

for support tailoring pledges to local needs or convening multi-stakeholder collaborations. Once complete return them to us to post below. 

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