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Your guide to bike share

Cycling is a great way to get round your city, not only providing exercise, but it also gives a great flexible option for short journeys. Bike sharing scheme give you access to a bike, without needing to own one, allowing you to incorporate cycling into your everyday journeys. There are different models of bike share from self-service on-street in larger towns and cities, to bike loans in smaller communities.

On-street bike share usually charges for 30-minute slots and bikes can be picked up and dropped off at any bike share station. This makes them ideal for short journeys or used in conjunction with public transport to complete the first or last miles.


Bike share has also shown to be a great way to get back on your bike with 32% of users last year stating they hadn’t been on a bike for over 5 years. And now with more e-bikes than ever before, it makes those hills a lot easier!





The costs vary depending on your operator, but it’s generally around £1/£1.50 for 30min/1 trip. Most operators also offer monthly or annual passes which brings the cost per trip down. Check out your nearest bike share scheme for costs.


Bike share annual cost compared to bus pass



Bike Share Locations


All you need to do to get started is use the map below to find your nearest bike and then download the app (link to the operator site from the map). Using the app, you can book, access the bikes, and make payments.

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Planning Your Rides


For help with planning your cycle routes, check out Cycling UK’s journey planner.



CoMoUK is keen to learn more about people’s travel habits and is conducting further research into travel behaviours. If you would be willing to take part in future research, please provide your contact details below.