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News - 16 Sep 2020

Councils should boost car clubs for the post-Covid commute

PRESS RELEASE: Councils should boost car clubs for the post-Covid commute Councils should take advantage of changing commuter habits by introducing specific car-sharing strategies, a leading transport charity has said. In a briefing for all 32 local authorities in Scotland, CoMoUK said office-based workers are more likely to work at home in the post-coronavirus era. For many workers, that means running their own vehicle will be less affordable, making the prospect of car clubs more appealing. CoMoUK has called on councils to create more spaces for car clubs on public roads and target specific areas where people will be changing their working habits. In the briefing for local authorities, the charity said other shared transport initiatives can also help drive economic recovery. It said shared mobility hubs linking up different forms of transport and the expansion of bike sharing schemes should all be considered. Scotland director Lorna Finlayson also said focusing on deprived areas could improve health outcomes for those on lower incomes, and help tackle ‘transport poverty’. The Scottish Parliament is currently taking evidence on Scotland’s green recovery, a process aimed at helping the economy deal with challenges posed by coronavirus and climate change. Lorna Finlayson, Scotland director of CoMoUK, said: “We know that one of the changes in a post-Covid economy will be more people working at home. “That will reduce the number of commuter journeys made in a car, as many people just won’t see the benefit of running their own vehicle any longer. “This will open the door for car club schemes, and councils need to be ready with a strategy to take advantage of these shifts in behaviour. “It benefits everyone, as car clubs are more likely to use environmentally-friendly vehicles, and it will reduce the amount of traffic on the streets while saving people money. “COVID-19 has devastated Scotland’s economy and we can’t go back to the old ways of doing things. “If local authorities start preparing for a green future now, it could help save commuters money and move Scotland closer to hitting its climate change targets.” [embeddoc url="" download="all"]
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ShareNorth Project accelerating growth of Shared Mobility

CoMoUK is a part of the Share-North project working with EU partners from 2019-2021 to raise the profile of shared mobility solutions. The aim of the project is to utilise expertise from both sides of the North Sea to develop, promote and assess the impacts of car clubs, bike share, 2+ ride-sharing and other shared transport options. In 2020 CoMoUK will focus on two key areas: The first is engaging key stakeholders to take a Shared MObility pledge - a commitment to one or more specific actions to help to overcome barriers to the development of shared transport options. Secondly, we will also be working with partners to create mobility hubs in targeted areas to reclaim as kerbs space for sustainable travel modes and improved public realm living. If you are interested in learning more about SHARE-North you can do so here and you can find out the areas the project covers here . If you have any questions or would like to know more please email Antonia at   
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