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Collaborative, fair and sustainable mobility creating better communities

With active travel and public transport, we call this good mobility.


Collaborative Mobility Conference 2018 26-27 September 2018


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Good Mobility

Promoting solutions for public benefit.

Shared Bikes - Projects

Bikes for All

Bike share equity programmes aim to increase the accessibility of bikes to all people breaking down barriers such as ability or income through shared bikes. The bike share sector is developing initiatives and incentives to encourage new ridership. There are a range of examples emerging where operators are working with job centres and community groups to offer affordable memberships with cash based payments and out-reach work to encourage under-represented groups to access the bikes. The introduction of electric bikes is helping a wider range of people access the convenience of bike share. The Bikes for All project is part financed by the European Social Fund and Scottish Government through the Social Innovation Fund.


Bikes for All Glasgow

The launch of UK’s first social equity bike share project in Glasgow has encouraged families and residents in Glasgow to get in the saddle as Bikeplus, Bike for Good, Glasgow Centre for Population Health and nextbike teamed up to provide a programme of confidence boosting two-wheeled activities. The project is expanding from its roots in Govanhill to work with community organisatons city-wide.   Group rides, city navigation, road skills sessions and family rides are some of the events connecting the community with the benefits of cycling.   The Bikes for All partnership offers the price of nextbike annual membership reduced from £60 to just £3, encouraging those without access to their own bike, or in need of confidence building, to rediscover the thrill of two wheels.   The Bikes for All project is part financed by the European Social Fund and Scottish Government through the Social Innovation Fund.  
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News - 4 Jun 2018

The evolution from Carplus Bikeplus, echoes the evolution of shared mobility

CoMoUK is the new name for Carplus Bikeplus, short for Collaborative Mobility it represents the wider remit of the charity. Over the last 2 years, Carplus developed the sister arm Bikeplus to represent the shared bike sector. The shift to CoMoUK will help to enable more effective integration between these and new shared modes.

CoMoUK's intention is to play a leading role in the UK's transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good.


CoMoUK works to maximise public benefit of shared modes, car clubs, bike share, 2+ ride share, and emerging modes such as "on demand" buses and scooter sharing, by supporting their development and nurturing innovation.


The charity carries out research to illustrate the impacts of the sector, leads on innovative development projects to maximise benefits to all and facilitates the sharing of best practice. In addition CoMoUK offers technical advice and consultancy services.

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