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About us


CoMoUK is playing a leading role in the UK’s transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good. CoMoUK supports the development of shared modes:


• Car clubs


• Bike share


• 2+ Ride share


• Emerging modes such as “on demand” buses and scooter sharing to enable mobility lifestyles which present an alternative to private car ownership.


This is achieved through advocacy, research and development.


CoMoUK was established in 1999 and was previously known as Carplus and Bikeplus


Our work

Research and metrics


• Metrics to provide evidence for growth, and the scale of impacts



• Annual surveys of car club members and bike share members, to provide evidence of social and environmental impacts 

Best practice guidance


• Comprehensive good practice guides to promote greater understanding of  latest developments for practitioners and policy makers 

Development projects


• Pioneering projects to ensure the social and environmental benefits are maximised and evenly spread

Technical advice and consultancy


• Research and consultancy work on behalf of local authorities, transport authorities and community groups to plan, establish and develop car clubs, bike share and other shared transport initiatives



• The accreditation body for car clubs and bike share in the UK

Advocacy and strategic partnerships


• CoMoUK supports measures that promote collaborative mobility with the aim of providing equitable access to quality places and lifestyles 


Stakeholder Forums


• Strategic partnerships with UK and overseas sustainable and shared transport organisations (Coalition for Good Mobility) 

Playing a leading role in the UK’s transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good.

Technical advice & consultancy


CoMoUK provides technical advice and consultancy to a range of stakeholders. Please get in touch to discuss your project needs. 


CoMoUK income is derived from public and voluntary sector grants, memberships, events and services.  In order to maintain independence no more than 25% of income is from operators. 



Richard Dilks

Chief Executive

Richard Dilks

Chief Executive


Richard Dilks is passionate for what transport does for people and this passion has brought him to CoMoUK as Chief Executive.


Richard was previously transport programme director at the business group London First, where he led policy and advocacy across a wide range of transport modes, as well as a board member at the statutory transport watchdog London TravelWatch for six years. Prior to that he worked as a policy adviser and journalist at the consumer body Which?.


Richard is based full-time in London, a new addition to CoMoUK’s established bases in Leeds and Edinburgh.


Richard aims to further raise CoMoUK’s profile across the UK and ensure shared transport delivers the journeys people want in an efficient and healthy way.


Call Richard: +44 (0) 7419 740815


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Antonia Roberts

Deputy Chief Executive

Antonia Roberts

Deputy Chief Executive


Antonia was part of the team which set up CoMoUK  (as Carplus) in 1999 and spent 10 years helping to nurture the newly emerging car club industry, developing the information programme and accreditation scheme amongst other projects. Antonia re-joined the organisation in 2015 to set up the sister arm Bikeplus to support the development of bike share. For intervening 5 years Antonia managed an Active Travel Project in Leeds for Sustrans.


Antonia has 20 years’ experience working in the field of sustainable transport and previously worked in marketing for Oxfam.


Call Antonia: +44 (0) 7792274825


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Lorna Finlayson

Scotland Director

Lorna Finlayson

Scotland Director

With a Masters degree in Environmental Studies and ten years’ experience in senior roles in policy, public affairs and the political environment, Lorna brings a wealth of skills and experience to drive forward the work of CoMoUK in Scotland.


Email Lorna 

Harriet Cross

Senior Development Officer

Harriet Cross

Senior Development Officer


Harriet has been working on sustainability projects in Scotland for the last 8 years, having moved from London where she was a Campaign Officer for the national campaign Climate Week.


She was the Sustainability Coordinator for Edinburgh College which involved setting up greenspace, transport and environmental education projects, followed by a more community development focussed role in running a Climate Challenge Fund project on behalf of the Himalayan Centre for Arts and Culture.


Her most recent work before joining CoMoUK involved supporting the development of social inclusion and fuel poverty projects on behalf of a community development charity.


She is also a Director for the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network.


email Harriet


Marian Marsh

Senior Development Officer

Marian Marsh

Senior Development Officer

Marian has worked in Transport Planning in local authorities, including Reading’s bike share scheme and EU Horizon 2020 projects. This led her to Rupprecht Consult in Cologne, working on Sustainable Urban Development Plans. Firsthand experiences of living in Germany inform her work and enthusiasm for shared and sustainable transport and the benefits to users, the environment and ultimately place-making, health and wellbeing.


Her main work at CoMoUK is building networks and raising awareness across planners, developers, and academics of the benefits of shared transport in new developments.


Marian has a Geography degree and MSc in Town and Regional Planning and is a Chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and Institute of Logistics and Transport.



Allie Page

Scotland Progamme Manager

Allie Page

Scotland Progamme Manager


Allie Page graduated in Environmental Management. She worked in domestic renewables in New Zealand before coming back to Scotland and working at Energy Saving Trust in their renewable team. While at Energy Saving Trust Allie moved into the transport team and has now been working on sustainable transport projects for the last 6 years. Allie is passionate about the environment and animal welfare.


At CoMoUK Allie works as a Programme Manager for the Scotland Project, ensuring successful project delivery.

Email allie

Board of Trustees


Matthew Clark,

Chair, Associate, Steer, London



Joseph Seal Driver

Inmotion Ventures, Jaguar Landrover



Kate Gifford

Vice chair, Head of Future Mobility, WYCA



Ally McInroy

Senior Project Manager Technology Scotland



Clare Linton

Policy and Research Advisor



James Harris

Policy and Networks Manager, Royal Town Planning Institute



Martin Hill

Workday Change Consultant



James Taylor

General Manager, Zipcar



Krysia Solheim

Managing Director, nextbike UK