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Buses on-demand
How flexible, on-demand bus services can help Scotland build back fairer
24 March 2021

​​​​​​​This webinar was aimed at local authorities, policy makers and all who are interested in learning more about the opportunities for Scotland from moving to flexible on-demand transport. We heard from a range of on-demand transport operators about the range of services they offer and hear about some examples of successful schemes happening across the UK and Europe.





Building Better Places: 10 March 2021

​​​​​​​This webinar focussed on the future of planning in Scotland and how shared transport can help deliver the key outcomes of the NPF4: net zero emissions, resilient communities, a wellbeing economy and greener, better places. We took an in-depth look at the role of shared transport and mobility hubs and their positive contribution to the Scottish Government’s 20-minute neighbourhoods strategy and looked at some of the cutting edge plans being developed here in Scotland.


The event was aimed at planners, developers, architects, landscape architects, academics and related practitioners and organisations. This was reflected in our speakers, representing planning, urban design. Watch the event using the link below.




Shared Mobility Rocks: 3/4 March 2021

We took part in the third edition of this global shared mobility event over 24 hours from 3-4 March. CoMoUK ran the 3:00-4:30pm GMT session on the first day, discussing “the latest evidence for the impacts of shared mobility”. For more details and to see replays visit the event website below.





Future Rural Mobility: 4 February 2021

We held a session on future rural mobility, in light of the Government call for evidence on this, which closed 16th February 2021.




Mobility Hub Forum Business Models : 28 January 2021

Held with our partners at WSP, we heard the latest findings on thoughts around successful business models for mobility hubs and discussed the application of them in workshop groups.




Setting up a Scottish Bike Share Scheme: 8 December 2020

Our third webinar in the Scotland Co-mobility series where we tried to answer key questions around setting up a bike share scheme in Scotland.


Are you a community group in Scotland keen to share a fleet of bikes for the use of your community? Do you have a thousand questions about how to do this, for example how to get started? How to share the bikes? How to promote the scheme? What does success look like?





Collaborative Mobility Virtual Conference: 17-20 November 2020

CoMoUK would like to thank all the speakers and sponsors who made this year’s annual conference a success.


Each day during the 4 day event we had two 90 minute sessions where we took a look back over an extraordinary year of innovations and adaptions, as well as looking forward to how we can share and apply new learning.


For more details please visit the conference page:

CONFERENCE 2020 View all conference session recordings



Pedalling a Green Recovery: Scotland’s Bike Share and a Greener Future: 29 September 2020

Our second webinar in the Scotland Co-mobility series ‘Pedalling a Green Recovery’ where we will explored how we can unlock the potential of bike share in Scotland and gave a snap shot of the different types of schemes providing healthy, affordable and low carbon forms of travel in communities across the country.




Implementing Mobility Hubs in a Rural Area: 21 July 2020

Our series of webinars continues with speakers from Scotland and The Netherlands discussing setting up Mobility Hubs in rural areas of Scotland.




Mobility Hubs: 14th May 2020

Session 1 – Introduction, benefits, EU experience inc. Bremen Mobility Hub Development

Recording Slides Bremen Slides

Session 2 – UK activity and opportunities for collaboration inc. Gascoyne Estates


If you are interested in joining a network to collaborate on certain aspects of mobility hub development please complete this very short survey:




Shared mobility: key to tackling the climate crisis, 19th March 2020

In the ongoing debate about how we can tackle the climate crisis and build a sustainable future, shared transport will have an important role to play in helping achieve Scotland’s ambitious net zero targets. CoMoUK is bringing together some of the country’s top shared mobility experts, operators, policy makers and influencers to discuss and debate how we can reshape Scotland’s transport future to deliver this net zero ambition.

We will be showcasing our new research on the potential for shared mobility in Scotland and the associated environmental, economic, health and social benefits.

In our webinar we launched CoMoUK’s latest annual car club and bike share surveys looking at their impact on cutting carbon, reducing dependency on the private car and improving air quality and congestion.




Scottish Co-Mobility Forum, Small to Medium Employers and Liftshare, 29th January 2020

Aimed at small to medium sized employers – this 45 minute webinar will focus on the more informal lift share shared ride/shared bike options that are available to SMEs, with signposting to regional options across Scotland.




Scottish Co-Mobility Forum, Large Employers and Liftshare, 22nd January 2020

Aimed at Large Employers – this 45 minute webinar will focus on the lift share schemes and formalised shared ride options such as car clubs that are available to larger employers, with signposting to regional options across Scotland.




Scottish Co-Mobility Forum, Bikes for All, 27th November 2019

Learn how Bikes for All, a Glasgow-based cycling inclusion project, helps to reduce inequalities in access to cycling through the provision of low-cost bike hire, building cycling confidence and reducing barriers to cycling for first-time or lapsed cyclists.




Collaborative Mobility Conference, 12th – 13th November 2019

All of the presentations and information from the day are still available to view.

Conference Presentations


Scottish Co-Mobility Forum, MobiHubs and Opportunity for Scotland, 30th September 2019

Hear from experts from the shared mobility and Mobihub sector. Learn what Mobihubs are, how they promote sustainable travel, and the benefits they can bring to local communities.




Co-Mobility Forum, 19th June 2019 – Car Clubs out of Urban Centres

This session explored the strategies and opportunities to create successful car clubs away from dense city environments. It was a chance to hear from those working actively in the field to develop partnerships and operating models to address the challenges of viability in our suburbs, towns and rural areas.

The representatives we heard from were;

  • Keith Kelly, Enterprise Car Club
  • Martin Higgitt, Martin Higgitt Associates
  • Robert Schopen, Co-Wheels
  • Jeffrey Matthijs, Autodelen, Belgium

After the presentations, there was a short question and answer session led by CoMoUK’s new Chief Executive Richard Dilks.




Shared Transport Masterclass

CoMoUK partnered with Landor Links to deliver a masterclass for local authorities planning or working with shared transport schemes – from bike share to car clubs, demand responsive transport to micro mobility. Shared transport innovations offer a host of new opportunities, if you were unable to attend the event we are delighted to be able to share the slides with you.




Collaborative Mobility; Good Mobility 2018

The Collaborative Mobility Conference 2018 was held in September at the Crystal, Docklands in London. All of the presentations and information from the day are still available to view.

Programme Presentations