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Joining CoMoUk is important for two reasons.


• As a membership organisation developing a strong network from a diverse range of stakeholders provides a mandate for our work. We provide a voice for those working in collaborative mobility and seeks to represent all aspects of the sector.


• The contributions of CoMoUK members along with other funding partners enable us to carry out our key objectives (hyperlink about us) to promote co-mobility, collect evidence of the impacts of the sector and provide advice on developing schemes.



There are two different categories of membership: 



Commercial, (private sector)

£500 (ex vat)



Non-commercial, (public sector, charities, educational establishments, individuals)

£20* (ex vat)



Public Sector Forum Membership  


£300 (ex vat)



*This is a nominal fee to remove barriers for supporters with limited resources. 


For car club and bike share operators interested in accreditation, which also incorporates membership, please visit the accreditation pages.


See accreditation



Members receive the following benefits:

Develop the sector

Support our independent research, analysis and creation of best practice resources to develop shared transport for the public good.

Influence change

Support our work as the independent voice and central portal for the shared transport sector.

Online profile

Listing on the website member directory.

Access to networks

Access to networks of shared transport practitioners.


Preferential attendance rates at Carplus Bikeplus events.

Voting rights

Voting rights on Carplus Bikeplus matters and at the AGM.

Sponsorship opportunities

All commercial members to be notified of sponsorship opportunities.