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Community car clubs

A community car club is a local, member-based initiative that provides access to self-service, pay as you drive, low-carbon vehicles. Often community car clubs are run by local groups to support their communities. It’s a convenient and affordable way of using a car, without the expense and hassle of owning one.


Photo: Moray Car Club

Guidance documents


CoMoUK have developed a number of resources to support community car clubs from a handbook, a marketing toolkit and advice on how to create a business case. These resources can be found below.

Community car club handbook

Our community car club handbook gives an overall explanation of areas to be considered when looking to set-up a community car club.


Please note, the insurance information in this handbook is out of date. We are working on updating this, but in the meantime, if you have any questions about community car club insurance, please contact us on

Marketing for community car clubs

In 2018 CoMoUK worked to explore how best to engage the public with car clubs, from this the toolkit was developed. The toolkit includes a guide for; developing an engagement plan, creating content and making the most of press releases and social media.

Telematics and back office systems

This guidance document is designed to support the development of community car clubs and the management of their operations. It looks at booking and billing, features for unlocking the vehicles telematics (and what this means), and exploring whether a combination of available solutions can offer effective and affordable solutions.

Car share in the age of Covid


The following advice is intended as a guide. Please check and follow national and local guidelines alongside these basic steps where appropriate.

  • Contact points on the car should be sanitised when collecting and returning
  • Ensure you have provided users and staff with a suitable supply of anti-bacterial wipes and sanitising products
  • Request that all users follow the current government guidelines, specifically on physical distancing, mask wearing and hand hygiene
  • You may wish to add a section to your user agreement to cover these matters and display notices for users

Support from CoMoUK


CoMoUK can provide advice, support and share best practice for the set-up and continued management of community car clubs. To find out more and enquire about how we can help you, please get in touch using the link below.





Community car and bike share forum


We run a quarterly online meet up for communities interested in the latest developments around car and bike share schemes. To find out more and request an invitation to join us please email us using the link below.


Contact us

Ride sharing

Ride sharing – where two or more people share a car – can be a great option within communities. For more information on the services available, please visit our main website pages.


Ride sharing

CoMoUK has published two case studies showing how shared transport can enhance community transport.