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Guidance, best practice and case studies

Making car clubs work - The social, environmental and financial case for car clubs


Car clubs have a big role to play helping to deliver economic, social and environmental government goals.


This guide explains what a car club is and provides information to help you decide whether a car club is feasible in your area, and how to establish a viable car club.

Making Car Clubs Work guide




London Car Club Strategy


This Strategy has been jointly developed by members of the Car Club Coalition, which was established in September 2014 and represents car club operators, London Councils, the Greater London Authority (GLA), Transport for London (TfL) and key stakeholders.

car club strategy

Electric Vehicles in Car Clubs (June 2012)


The purpose of this document is to provide good practice guidance for both car club operators planning to add electric vehicles (EVs) to their car club fleet and local authorities interested in promoting the take-up of EVs within car clubs.

Electric Vehicles in Car Clubs Guidance

Car Club Parking Guidance


Carplus, July 2014


A reference guide for local authorities on the topic of parking for car club vehicles.

Car Clubs Parking Guidance


Guidance for London Boroughs on Parking Permits


(Some elements of this document have now been superseded by developments. Please get in touch for latest advice) 

Guidance on London Borough Parking Permits


TMO/TRO Consultation Guidance for Local Authorities


Carplus, September 2012


This guide includes examples of overarching strategy for consultation, how to create effective consultation materials, and advice on handling negative feedback. 


(Some elements of this document have now been superseded by developments. Please get in touch for latest advice) 

Consultation Guidance for Local Authorities


Car Clubs in Property Development


Over recent years including car club parking and membership packages in new developments has become a growing trend. The inclusion of a car club can expand opportunities for developers to bring forward land in locations which otherwise might not have been commercially viable, or where planning restrictions have been placed on car ownership.


CoMoUK has produced information and guidance for property developers, housing associations and local authorities on the incorporation of car clubs in developments.


• 2016 guidance 

Car Clubs in New Developments Report

• A review of experience and good practice in low car and car free developments (2003 – 2014)


Car Clubs in Developments combined case studies

Promoting Low Car Neighbourhoods in Scotland


This report looks at whether more walkable neighbourhoods with low levels of private car ownership can be encouraged by way of good planning policies and well-designed housing developments across Scotland.

The first phase of the report looks at the benefits of low car neighbourhoods and how this relates to Scottish planning policy.

Promoting low car neighbourhoods in scotland

The second phase looks at five case studies of new housing developments in Scotland and the extent to which low car ownership has been designed into these.

Progress on Low Car Neighbourhoods in Scotland


Car Clubs in Tourism

This report at the use of car clubs in the tourism sector and includes a variety of case studies to show how it can work.

Shared Car Services in the Scottish Tourism Sector

Community and Informal Car Clubs

A community car club is a local, member-based initiative that provides access to self-service, pay as you drive vehicles. It’s a convenient and affordable way of using a car, without the expense and hassle of owning one. Below are a number of useful resources for anyone thinking of starting a community car club.

Community Car Club Handbook


A handbook is for individuals and community groups interested in setting up a car club to improve local transport choices and to offer more sustainable travel options.


This guide provides information from the planning stages to practical advice on running a community car club.

Community Car Club Handbook

(Dec 2017)

Marketing for Community Car Clubs


This guide provides advice and tips to help community car clubs maximise the impact of their marketing. The guide covers best practice for leaflets, using press releases and media and a step-by-step guide for marketing through Facebook.


Marketing guide for community car clubs

(Jun 2016)

Making the Business Case for a Sustainable Local Car Club


Indicative start-up costs to help local groups build a robust business plan for their car club.

Business case for community car clubs PDF

(Jun 2016)

Running an Informal Car Club


This document is designed to provide guidance on establishing and operating an informal car club, including setting up a payment system, calculating costs and charges, vehicle locations, booking the car and legal requirements.

Running an Informal Car Club pdf

(May 2012)