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CoMoUK runs accreditation schemes for car club and bike share operators which provides assurance to local authorities on an agreed set of standards expected by operators when providing services.

Accreditation ensures a collectively agreed set of standards is upheld across the industry to maintain the reputation that these shared transport schemes have gained as a valuable component of sustainable transportation. The criteria have been carefully chosen to provide a robust framework whilst not stifling innovation.


Both accreditation schemes have been developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. This forms part of the membership package available to operators and suppliers who currently run or wish to run schemes in the UK.

Why be accredited? 


Operators and suppliers benefit from obtaining Accreditation by having a shortcut badge to demonstrating their credentials to local authorities and other partners. By supporting the scheme operators are ensuring industry standards are maintained whilst also providing key data to support the development of bike share.


Many smaller community based schemes will not face the situations where accreditation is a requirement, although some will find it useful to prove and to have proof that they meet other minimum standards such as safety and service standards.



Accreditation ensures a collectively agreed set of standards is upheld across the industry

Applying for Accreditation


If you wish to apply, please download the accreditation criteria and relevant application form. If you have any queries about the accreditation process or the costs of accreditation, please contact us.



Car Club Accreditation

There are two standards of accreditation available, full and basic, both of which are available on a provisional and location specific basis.

Car Club Full Accreditation (Large Operators)

Provisional Accreditation

Public Bike Share Accreditation Scheme

Bike Share Accredited Operators

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