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Quality standards

Mobility hubs are a new feature for our streets which are designed to carve out space for public transport alongside active and shared mobility modes to improve the public realm for all. It is important they are implemented well and we learn from the excellent examples overseas. Hubs should deliver integrated, quality services and consider the needs of those who live nearby as well as those who travel through them.


CoMoUK has worked with partners to create a set of standards for assessing new mobility hubs. The core of this work is the six factors that should be considered for the successful scheme design.

Six Success Factors

Choice of sustainable modes

Including public and shared modes as well as consideration of pedestrians

Visibility and accessibility

Hubs need to be part of the clearly identifiable network with services which are easily accessible by all

Ease of switching between modes

Both in terms of physically and digitally linking the use of the different modes


The design and facilities should ensure traveller safety is a key factor

Practical facilities

Good design will consider what non-transport practical additions can be included

Visual, social and community appeal

Finally, a successful mobility hub will enhance the area visually, and provide a contribution to the social and community fabric


The quality standards can be applied to each mobility hub ahead of the implementation as a check-list of items to consider. They cover not just the design but also the process for community consultation and implementation. Those developing hubs can apply to CoMoUK to carry out an assessment of their hub(s) to receive formal accreditation status at either bronze, silver or gold standard.


In our Introductory Guide to Mobility Hubs we explore 6 typologies for hubs:

  • city centre large interchanges hub
  • transport corridor linking hubs
  • suburban mini hubs
  • business park or housing development hubs
  • rural market town hubs
  • tourism hubs

The quality standards have been adapted for each context with a set of suggested elements required to meet the standards and achieve accreditation. Read more about the quality standards and CoMoUK accreditation in the guidance below.



Accreditation Quality Standards guidance (PDF)


The fee for each application is £750 plus VAT. If you are applying for accreditation for multiple hubs, we can offer a reduced rate depending upon the amount of overlap or variation between them. The accreditation award will last for 2 years and the renewal fee will be advertised on the website, we anticipate this being lower than the initial fee.




Please contact if you have any questions.