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What are Mobility Hubs?

Mobility hubs create space designed specifically to house public transport alongside, active and shared mobility modes whilst improving the public realm. The redesign and reallocation of space from the private car, is intended to enhance the experience of travellers as well as benefiting local residents and businesses. The concept is being applied to the streetscape in many European and North American cities.

Three key characteristics

1. Co-location of public and shared mobility modes


2. The redesign of space to reduce private car space and improve the surrounding public realm


3. A pillar or sign which identifies the space as mobility hub which is part of a wider network and ideally provides digital travel information


Mobility hubs have many benefits including providing a more convenient, comfortable and safer environment to access a range of sustainable modes. Mobility hubs help to raise the profile of shared mobility services to boost utilisation and viability. In addition, they support low car lifestyles and the reallocation of space from car parking to housing or public realm improvements.


CoMoUK has created an introductory guidance document to provide an overview of mobility hubs and to share best practice from partners. The 27 page Mobility Hub Guidance document provides an outline of the potential component for mobility hubs in different contexts, case studies from across Europe and tips on implementation.


We also have a several case studies and guides aimed at supporting planners and developers with more of the information that they need.

Mobility Hub Webinars

We have run a number of webinars on mobility hubs. You should find recordings and slides for these on our events page.


Further resources from CoMoUK

CoMoUK can provide advice to local authorities, developers and other practitioners on the development of mobility hubs.


We run a quarterly forum group linking public and private sector organisations working on mobility hubs to share the experience. Contact for more information.


For more information on Mobility Hubs, including our set of accreditation standards which organisations can apply for, please follow the links below:

HOW – quality standards and accreditation

WHERE – mobility hub LOCATIONS